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Konstantin Babayko, Chief Technologist

The main problem at making dies and punches is to choose good-quality cutting tool for special tool steel effective machining before thermal treatment and after hardening (44-58 HRC). This problem is quite pressing if a factory does not have an erosion broaching machine. Besides, some experienced users of dies demand for surface finishing by means of mechanical operations in order to remove defective metal layer remaining after burning and reducing total die resistance.

For today Ukrainian market of cutting tools is filled with products of different manufacturers being within almost the same price range. Our attempts to find the most profitable price-quality-productivity ratio were not a success as there was almost the same quality at a small price difference. It made us paying attention to tools of a higher price category and to Hitachi Tools in particular represented in Ukraine by DETC “Contact”.

First distant knowledge of Hitachi end carbide mills aroused a number of questions and doubts: high price, unusual cutting modes (high feed at slow rotation), no lubricoolant (only air cooling).

In practice Hitachi mills (even economic series) pleasantly surprised us with their capacity and durability as well as good roughness and accuracy at continuous machining of polysurfaces as compared to tolls of different manufacturers.  

I would also like to mention carbide quality: a mill (even uncoated) does not lose its cutting properties after regrinding.

As a result, Hitachi mills prove their value being an adequate substitute for most cheaper mills from different manufacturers, providing high-quality surface and reducing time for its finishing.



S. V. Dyachenko, General Manager

CNC machines 16К20ФЗ, ГФ2171С5, ГФ2252С3 retrofitting was provided by your company at “Gydrosila-Tetis” facilities in 2011. The work was carried out at the appropriate professional level, with good quality and just in time. I would also like to mention high-quality guarantee support of retrofitted equipment. At present machine 16К20С32 retrofitting is in process. There are no claims against executors. We hope for cooperation in future.



N. V. Vasilyev, General Manager

Thank you for timely high-quality retrofitting of the machine Huller hille nb-h70 provided by your technicians at our facilities in 2011-2012.

We hope for cooperation with DETC “Contact” in future.  



U. V. Emelyanenko, Deputy Technical Director

PSC DETC “Contact” has provided CNC machines (GDV500, 16К20FZ, 65А80LMF) retrofitting at our facilities more than once. The work was carried out by qualified technicians with good quality and in time. They also provide machines’ guarantee and post-guarantee support. We hope for fruitful cooperation in future.



G. I. Ishchenko, Chief Engineer

PC “Turboatom” has been cooperating with DETC “Contact” in equipment repairing and retrofitting for many years. For the period of cooperation technicians of DETC “Contact” have repaired (to order of PC “Turboatom” ) such machines as "GF 2171", "GF 2253", "65А90" and gas-cutting machine "Messer Greshaim ".  At present  retrofitting of machining centers  "IS800PMF4" is in process. We also prepare contracts for repair and retrofitting of some more machines, 

All the projects have been executed at a high professional level.

I would also like to say that cooperation with DETC “Contact” is versatile. Besides equipment repair and retrofitting they supply tools to customers’ order which is an additional positive factor in cooperation with the company. Thank you for cooperation.



V.Е. Erkes, Planning, Purchase and Logistics Director

Herewith we would like to express our thanks to private stock company DETC “Contact” for Hoffmann Group (Germany) tool and tool furniture implementation.
I would like to mention reliable timely deliveries, optimal tool retrieval system, excellent technical description and high quality of Hoffmann products certified by ISO, TUV and VDA standards.

There are more than 50 000 professional tools with optimal quality-price ratio in Hoffmann Group catalogue.

Your employees are highly-qualified technicians always ready to answer all the questions regarding materials purchasing and technologies and products implementation in the company.

Based on above there is background for further fruitful cooperation between our companies.



V.F.Mozgovoy, Chief Technologist

V.А. Panasenko, OPS UGT Head

Within the scope of technical re-equipment at “Motor Sich” we actively implement new and retrofitted CNC equipment. For equipping machines with up-to-date tools and accessories we acquire a great number of cutting tools with mechanical fastening as well as measuring and auxiliary tools.

One of the companies which “Motor Sich” is cooperating with in the field of tooling is the company Hoffmann Group.

Fruitful cooperation since 2006 has yielded positive results. Tooling on-time delivery with optimal price-quality ratio allows us to implement technical improvements in real production facilities

We hope that further cooperation with Hoffmann Group will bring mutual benefit and contribute to further development of production.



M.U. Stets, Chief Technologist

PC "Dnepropetrovsk aggregate factory" thanks Dnepropetrovsk engineering & technical center “Contact” for fruitful cooperation in implementing tools and fixtures from Hoffmann Group (Germany). Our company has been using Hoffmann tools for a long period of time.
The tool satisfies the highest quality demands. Hoffmann catalogue includes a wide range of items, detailed specifications and easy-to-use retrieval system and DETC “Contact” technicians are always ready to provide qualified technical support.



С.N. Tverdochleb, Chief Engineer

PSC “Poltava turbomechanical factory" thanks DETC “Contact” for successful implementation of joint project in introducing auxiliary tools from the company Hoffmann Group (Germany). Holders, collet chucks and jaws from Hoffmann provide reliable tool fastening, low radial runout and durability in heavy operational environment. We are confident in further successful cooperation in upgrading projects of our company.



Redka Roman, Chief Engineer

"Coca-cola beverages Ukraine" thanks DETC “Contact” for Hoffmann Group (Germany) accessories and furniture introduction. In particular we would like to mention professional approach to solving our problems, project detailed technical description and executing in time. At present we successfully use Hoffmann Group high-quality furniture and accessories certified by ISO, TUV and VDA standards. We are confident in further successful cooperation!



G.I. Fedotov, Director

Hereby we express our gratitude to DETC “Contact” and management of drilling and mining equipment department if particular for supplying high-quality and reliable cone bits in proper time starting from 2008. We should mention that our orders are always being executed on a high professional level and in the shortest period of time.

Based on the above, we think there is good basis to continue fruitful cooperation between our companies.



Т.I. Pakosh, CNC Equipment Department Head

DETC “Contact” has provided overhaul and upgrading of screw-cutting lathe 16К20FZ. After that the machine works reliably, electronics malfunctions occur very seldom. We machine parts by 9th degree of quality on the lathe.
Thank you and your employees for good-quality timely repair. We hope for further fruitful cooperation.



S.К. Zhuk, Head of Industrial Electronics Department

After CNC special milling machine GF2171С5 overhaul and up-to-date CNC system installation provided by DETC “Contact” we managed in workpiece machining speed increasing and improving accuracy and finishing quality. PC “Turboatom” management also expects DETC “Contact” to provide the same quality at special machine GF2253С1 overhaul and upgrading. The machine is used for turbine blade machining (you can see the result of machine GF2253С1 overhaul and upgrading here...)



I.I. Lelikov,Logistics Director

Cooperation between JSC «NZNT» and DETC “Contact” started in 2000. Your employees are highly-qualified technicians always ready to answer all the questions regarding materials purchasing and technologies and products implementation in the company.

We hope for further fruitful mutually beneficial cooperation between our companies



S.F. Shapovalov, Chief Engineer

During 2005 we were closely working with your company at supplying equipment. Delivery was made within the period specified in the contract.
At putting machines into operation your technicians eliminated manufacturer’s mistakes very quickly.

Thank you for qualified and efficient work. We hope for mutually beneficial cooperation.




Е.I. Samochin, Deputy Chief  Technologist

Since we have concluded the contract we are completely satisfied with high-quality tools supplied by you to our company without delay.

Thank you and your colleagues for timely and quality products (tools) deliveries to us.

We hope for further fruitful working with you.



I.V. Kuntysh, Master Mechanic

In 2005 overhaul of our three metal-cutting machines was provided on the basis of your repairing workshop.

Thanks to your managers’ faithful approach to assigned task and efficiency and technicians’ skills equipment repaired by DETC “Contact” was highly appreciated by our technologists and production workers.


PC “Mittal Steel Krivoy Rog”

А.V.Muloida, UZHDT GOK Master Mechanic
А.P.Belyaenko, ZHDC-2 UZHDT GOK  Head

In the IV quarter of 2005 DETC “Contact” provided overhaul of railroad-wheel milling machine KZH-20 in the premises of PC “Krivorozhstal” . Overhaul was carried out in full. In the course of repair outdated drive was replaced by a therristor drive and hydraulic system was updated using up-to-date components. The repair was executed without taking the machine to executor‘s repairing area which allowed us to execute direct control over repair process and quality. Repair was carried out within the shortest possible period (80 days). 12-month guarantee was given for repaired equipment. At the same time overhaul of 4 sets of mills for the machine (with transition to DMETI profile) was executed.
The work was carried our efficiently and in time. We have no claims to equipment running.



I.V. Grigoryev, First Deputy Director

“Manufacturing enterprise ”KTD” Ltd has been cooperating with DETC “Contact” since 2003.
We are very pleased to work with highly-qualified technicians of your company and we hope for fruitful and successful cooperation with DETC “Contact” in future.



V.А. Rybalko, Deputy Chief Engineer

Our cooperation in applying high-tech tools and accessories from company «Korloy» represented by you has been developing for several years which is especially important under collapse of engineering and information support institutions existed in the USSR.

Using carbide tools from company «Korloy» for more than four years enabled us to appreciate their true value and degree of applicability in PC “Sumy NPO Frunze”.

Engineering support provided by your technicians as well as introduction of new carbide grades for particular purpose provided an opportunity to increase production volumes, improve products quality and reduce production costs.

We are sure in further fruitful cooperation with engineering & technical center “Contact”.





Herewith we would like to thank DETC “Contact” team, management of CNC machines and drive retrofitting department and personally General Manager Mrs. Chernysh Victoriya Veniaminovna for 1516FZ turning-and-boring lathe retrofitting.
We would like to mention that works to our order were executed on the high professional level in  the shortest period of time.

Based on the above we think there is good basis for further fruitful cooperation between the companies.



I.А. Krymets, Director ТОСiР

PE KiAF “Aviant” in the person of OGMech will be happy to cooperate with DETC “Contact” in machines repairing in future. In 2004-2005 repair of CNC vertical milling machines FP-17 and FP-7 was executed with high quality and within the period of time specified in the contract.

We would like to mention efficiency and good faith of company’s Kiev agency in solving technical questions at machines guarantee operating.


“Balt-system” Ltd

N.N.Zhigalev, Director

Being an official representative of “Balt-System” Ltd since 2001 DETC “Contact” has been successfully introducing CNC system both at metalworking equipment retrofitting and new machines developing. For example, technicians of DETC “Contact” have designed three types of systems for plasma cutting machine control for Kharkov institution “Ukroorgstankipprom”.  At present they are designing control system for a new machine 2555PF4 for DP “Radialka” PC “Odessa radial drilling machine factory”.  Besides, technicians of DETC “Contact” developed projects of retrofitting unique equipment which has never been retrofitted before: 4-axis engraving machine «KHULMAN» for National Mint in Kiev; 5-axis machine САМ-5 for Krivoy Rog turbine factory “KONSTAR”; Romanian 6-axis vertical lathe SC-50/85 for “Zoporozhkran”; German 5-axis coupler-cutting machine MSC-22 for “NIKOTUBE”; 5-axis gear-milling machine ЕZF 794.355 for “ETALON” in Donetsk and many others.