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Hoffmann Group presents 44th edition of catalogue

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Wider product range, more clarity:
Hoffmann Group presents the 44th edition of catalogue

The 44th Hoffmann Group catalogue was published on the 1st of August. The new edition contains 4,240 new items 2,901 of which are in the area of part clamping innovation methods for single-part, middle-sized and mass production.

Including its in-house premium brand GARANT the system partner for quality tools offers more than 55,000 types of tools and accessories from world’s leading manufacturers. Hoffmann has now launched a free-of-charge mobile app allowing to add the catalogue scope to a phone taking little space in one’s pocket. The app is available for downloading free of charge through iTunes and Google Play for Apple and Android smartphones.

Optimum product presentation – digital and international

New edition of the catalogue is specially structured for user-friendly product selection. The e-Shop and the Hoffmann app simplify and speed up tool selection, cutting mode selection and ordering process. All product data are thus available even when you're on the move. Since its introduction last year, the app has already been used for nearly 9,000 downloads. Just like the printed format, the app is available in 16 languages.

Hoffmann Group combines trading capabilities with both manufacturing and service competence. This combination guarantees reliability in supply, quality and productivity in the tooling sector to more than 135,000 customers, together with optimum advice - from an analysis of individual needs through to the efficient use of the products.
In 2012 company’s turnover of 960 million Euro has been generated worldwide.

DETC “Contact” is the exclusive partner of Hoffmann Group in Ukraine.

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