Modern machine tools are complex multifunctional devices. In order for the equipment to work for many years without failures and serious breakdowns, it needs qualified service. Routine maintenance includes oil change, filter cleaning or replacement, cartridge lubrication, hydraulic and pneumatic system check, battery replacement, machine accuracy check, CNC data backup.

DITC “Contact” recommends performing routine preventive diagnostics of machine tools at least once, and preferably 2 times a year. Our center conducts diagnostics of non-working equipment to determine the possibility of restoring its operability and diagnostics of the equipment in operation to prevent its failure, the so-called preventive diagnostics. We also provide consulting services for vibration diagnostics and laser alignment of machine tools.

Service Center “Contact” offers its services for the repair and modernization of machines at your request. Leading mechanics and electronics specialists of our Center will provide any technical assistance in troubleshooting your equipment. Our specialists have accumulated rich experience in the repair of metalworking equipment.

The service department of DITC “Contact” solves a wide range of tasks related to the commissioning of equipment. Turnkey installed equipment or any stages separately, both new and used equipment.

Working with the service department after the expiration of the warranty period allows you to reduce financial and time costs both for the repair of faulty equipment and for the downtime of this equipment.

One of the priority tasks of the Service Center of our company is to provide after-sales service for your equipment, and in particular, the uninterrupted supply of spare parts. Only from us you can purchase original spare parts of proven quality and at a fair price.

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