DITC “Contact” provides a range of services for the technological preparation of parts production processes. Develops and implements technologies for the manufacture of parts of any complexity with the launch of their serial production, on high-precision machines with PU using the most advanced methods of material processing and high-performance cutting tools Korloy, Hoffmann, with the creation of an album of technological maps and sketches according to state standards, and with the development of technologies on the client’s machines.

And also our center develops 3D models of parts of any complexity according to the customer’s drawings for the subsequent development of control programs on them for machines with PU. The development of control programs and postprocessors is implemented for any CNC system, design of nodes in CAD systems, and control programs in the DEL-Cam environment.

A full range of works for the development of processing technology for parts:

Creation of solid models and product assemblies according to customer drawings of any degree of complexity.
Development of modern technological processes for machining parts on CNC machines, with the maximum use of equipment capabilities.
Writing control programs for CNC machines of any basic types.
Development of postprocessors for any CNC systems.
Creation of 3D visualization of processing processes.
Selection of cutting tools, equipment, calculation of cutting conditions for maximum equipment productivity.
Implementation of the technology for manufacturing parts on the customer’s equipment.
Rationing of the main technological processes with documentation.
Registration of design and technological documentation in accordance with the standards and conditions of the customer.

Determination of the capacity utilization of the enterprise, selection and calculation of the capacity of the site for the required nomenclature and cycle of production, work planning and timely integration of innovations in the field of improving quality, accelerating, reducing the cost and organization of production.

Development of a project for a production site with the calculation of the production program, the choice of equipment, the layout of the location of the main equipment, auxiliary units and communications.

Today, production automation is one of the main ways to optimize production processes and reduce production costs. The use of technological solutions based on modern electronics can significantly improve the quality of products and at the same time increase the volume of products.

The engineering center offers its competencies in the field of application and integration of robots, as well as other executive automatic systems for the effective solution of customers’ tasks.

In order to provide production with the necessary processing tools and equipment, DITC “Contact” offers the following services:

Selection of cutting tools and technological equipment
Development and optimization of technological processes using advanced tools
Technical advice on the use of the tool
Testing the tool under production conditions to determine the resistance parameters

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